Art of Bowen moveWelcome to The Art of Bowen. This site has been specially designed for experienced Bowen therapists everywhere. Why? In order for Bowen to develop and expand.

The way The Bowen Technique is taught tends to be ‘prescriptive’ and ‘procedural’ – with ‘recipes’ of ‘how-to’ handle each problem that presents. Whereas this method of teaching may be a way of imparting knowledge and enabling the practitioner to get results, is it enough?

In truth, we cannot be taught ‘how-to’ for every problem that walks through our clinic door. We cannot keep ‘trying’ different procedures with our clients in the hope of getting a result.

The way you (and I) were taught does not allow for any ‘lateral thinking’. You must do Bowen the way it is taught – otherwise it’s not Bowen.

Is this true? bigstockphoto_Massage_2429418IMAGE4

Well, if you ever felt that a certain ‘something’ was missing from your work, or a certain lack of confidence in what you were doing, or if a certain area of the body that was affected wasn’t being addressed – no matter what you did – then this is the information you’ve been looking for.

The Art of Bowen is not meant to undermine anyone and does not seek to make redundant your former Bowen training or knowledge. But it does seek to expand your perception and shine a new light on your understanding about Bowen work. It’s a ‘new perspective’ on Bowen work that should excite and engage you.

If you can even entertain the idea that Mr Bowen wasn’t doing ‘The Bowen Technique’ – which may be quite a shock to some of you reading this – then you’ll be able to move forward and grasp the principles to come.

The Art of Bowen changes ‘technique’ and ‘procedure’ into more fluid, dynamic and client-specific treatment sessions. It gives you the permission to ‘work out’ what needs to be done – precisely.

How does The Art of Bowen do this? Initially, by creating more awareness in the practitioner of what they’re seeing and sensing. If this kind of awareness was taught at the beginning of Bowen courses then we would be getting closer to understanding when a client was reacting to our work.

The Art of Bowen also helps you understand that the sum total of your Bowen training is not the absolute total of what Mr Bowen did. Why? Because Mr Bowen merely showed a template of his work – to help the observer gain an understanding of how to work.

The Art of Bowen now presents a new e-book entitled ‘The Bowen Technique – A New Perspective’ that is available for download and new ‘Art of Bowen’ weekend courses are being presented in the UK and internationally.