Art of Bowen moveI have been teaching Bowen since 1997.

The Art of Bowen® was created by me and offered for the first time in 2011 for practitioners around the world who needed more creativity in their work and found their basic Bowen training somewhat lacking.

In the years since I first became involved with Bowen and its community I have met some really wonderful and appreciative people.

Unfortunately there has also been a prominent minority within the Bowen ‘world’ whose  constant underhandedness and political manoevering and deception would not be misplaced in any Machiavellian play. Any effort in which to become ‘top dog’, ‘The Original’, ‘the best’, ‘the Leader’ has been used to control and keep people downtrodden in their efforts to learn and expand their knowledge. How sad that such people promote themselves in such an egotistical way.

Not only that, some of these types would actively discourage practitioners from attending my course and at the same time plagiarise my work for their own profit.

My Art of Bowen® classes are now finished. I no longer need to be involved in such a community that is driven by such a small minority.

My time and energies are now directed towards my unique treatment of scar tissue – which you can find details of HERE

My ebook ‘The Bowen Technique – A New Perspective’ is still available HERE and is available for download for both iPad and PC.

Thank you to all who attended my Art of Bowen® classes in the last 7 years.

Wishing you well and that your journey is a smooth one.


Alastair McLoughlin