The Bowen Technique – A New Perspective – eBook

moveWritten by one of the UK and Europe’s most experienced Bowen therapists this brand new 182 page eBook is now available for download. It contains all the ideas and principles covered in the two-day course “The Art of Bowen” and includes over fifty photos and illustrations plus 15 demonstration video clips.collage 2


About the author: Alastair McLoughlin has 35 years experience as a bodyworker and combines over 24 years of full-time Bowen practice and over seven years as one of The Bowen Therapy Academy’s foremost senior UK instructors (and now as an Independent Bowen instructor) to finally produce a ‘New Perspective’ on Bowen work. With literally tens of thousands of Bowen treatments under his belt he shares with you his experience and insight. His book takes the reader to a new level of understanding and assists you in developing your own intuition, body-reading skills and how to “work it out”.


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