Bowen Therapy Week

A letter from Merrin Wake – granddaughter of Tom Bowen:

Bowen Therapy has become a therapy used throughout the world by so many people. I find this amazing. As a child I found myself sitting on the knee of my grandpa, as an adult I have come to learn just how special he is. As a trained Bowen therapist and the granddaughter of Tom Bowen I am excited by the future of Bowen therapy.

There has been a suggestion by many therapists and lovers of Bowen that we look to the future and signify Tom Bowen and his work with a celebration of the man and his amazing therapy. A suggestion is that we establish an annual ‘Bowen Therapy Week’. The week would begin in 2014, to coincide with the week of Tom Bowen’s birthday.

The idea is that ‘Bowen Week’ would be totally non-political, supported by all streams of Bowen Therapy to promote Tom Bowen’s legacy. As a member of Tom Bowen’s family I am willing to participate and support this celebration and promotional effort.

I am seeking the support of all Bowen Therapists, Bowen Therapy Associations and Bowen training institutions in making this proposed annual event a catalyst so that people anywhere in the world can recognise Bowen Therapy as a first line complementary health care modality to benefit their health and make Bowen therapy a worldwide name.

The idea is that we have a week of concentrated advertising, magazine and newspaper articles, television and radio interviews and presentations to the public plus any other suggested forms of promotion and celebration. By pooling resources from all sectors of the Bowen industry I believe that we can deliver worthwhile international promotion of Bowen Therapy.

The second suggestion is that we hold a conference in Geelong, Australia, in 2016 to celebrate my Grandpa’s 100th birthday. The 18th of April 2016 falls on a Monday, and the suggestion is that this be the culmination of a week’s celebrations on that day in recognition of Tom.

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