We’re always happy to receive your feedback from either the e-book: ‘The Bowen Technique – A New Perspective’, or indeed from the weekend courses ‘The Art of Bowen’.

Here are a selection of comments from Bowen therapists:

“Was blown away by the book. The information and approach are so wanted and needed in the Bowen world!” Vicki Mechner – Springfield, Virginia – USA

“Fabulous course. So inspired. Bi-product of the course [after using the ITB release] my kids think I’m a genius! Thank you.” Caroline Madden – Edinburgh

“Absolutely superb! Every Bowen therapist should experience this course…”Norman Ogden – North Yorkshire

“The course has very much lived up to its excellent reputation and I’m excited about putting it into practice.”  Debbie Buck – Cambridgeshire

“I would recommend this weekend highly to all hands-on modality practitioners.” – Dr. Neil Milliken – Edinburgh

“A brilliant and thought-provoking course.” – Gordon Parfitt – Sheffield

“All in all, a first-rate tutor and course. Highly recommended” – Trevor Griffiths – Comrie, Scotland

“Fabulous course. Lots of knowledge given in an easy to understand format. I already feel a more confident Bowen therapist.” – Natalie Ashwood – Stockport

“Wonderful course which in so many ways answers and addresses there unanswered questions I have had for so long.” – Maureen Pettigrew – Adrossan, Scotland

“Really good to be let ‘out of the box'” – Catherine Ford – London

“Extremely interesting information given.” – Sheila Jackson – Aosta, Italy

“A brilliant workshop” – Beverley Wood – Sheffield

“Downloaded your e-book and am finding it enthralling reading! It answers so many questions for me. A fabulous buy and read! I hope there’s more to come. I enjoyed the whole course. Looking forward to part 2 and 3 and 4!”. – Mariette Lobo – Kirkaldy, Scotland

“I enjoyed the course in its entirety. I cannot commend this course highly enough, it is so insightful. Would not hesitate to repeat it”. – Karen Sloan – Ayrshire, Scotland

“Excellent course. I now feel more confident with Bowen. I would certainly advise this course to Bowen colleagues”. – Jane Hanlin – Glasgow, Scotland

“I’ve been waiting ages for this! So delighted to have access to your wealth of knowledge”. – Julia Blake – Motherwell, Scotland

“Very illuminating and re-assuring. More, more, more please!” – Eileen Reid – Paisley, Scotland

“Wonderful course! Has enhanced my understanding of Bowen. So simple – yet quite amazing”. – Rosemary MacAllister – Livingston, Scotland

“The missing link. Bravo!” – Catherine Ford – London

“I feel that I have gained a valuable tool for both assessing and treating clients. I believe the method of assessment and the innovative treatment that followed would be a valuable tool to any Bowen therapist.” – David Murphy – Coatbridge, Scotland

bigstockphoto_Woman_Full_Of_Success_4026014Bowen Therapy as it should be done. Gentle, non-intrusive, intuitive and congruent. It was a brilliant course.” – Pauline Walker – Manchester UK

“I found the whole concept to be very enlightening – especially the assessment. It has given me a lot of confidence for treating future clients.” – Annette Burgess – Scotland

“A fantastic workshop! None of us wanted to go home – we just wanted to know more and more. Alastair raised our work to new heights.” – Vibeke Brems – Oslo – Norway

“A remarkable two days!! Incredibly interesting and informative.” – Gina Bernsten – Hønefoss – Norway

“Fantastic workshop!” – Hilde Furulund – Mjøndalen – Norway

Feedback from a therapist in the USA dated 26th February 2015:

“I enjoyed Alastair’s class a great deal. It fit into my ideals as to trying to figure things out (I scratch my head a lot). Now, with practicing the 4 new assessments I’m getting better at honing in on areas that I over looked before. What I’m finding, for example, that is making a difference in some clients immediately is relaxing the ribs. They make all kinds of comments…” I felt that in my foot”…”my head just got hot”…”several said, “I can feel my hands tingling”… The explanation Alastair gave of the the body being able to open and relax if the lungs can expand normally was simple but profound!


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